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Welcome to the Al Khamsa community!

Joe-Ferriss,Pam-Studebaker,Yassmin-Atieh,photo-by-Valerie-ClinkenbeardYour presence on this website indicates you are among the precious few who go beyond the more common practice of mating together any Arabian horses that are currently trendy or popular. Instead you are interested in the three "P's": Pedigrees, Purity and Preservation. You are entering into a group of fellow enthusiasts whom you will soon call friends. You are beginning or continuing a fabulous journey and remember, breeding Al Khamsa horses is not about how many horses or how much time and money you spend, it is instead about the moment—the instant—that one of your foals takes your breath away, the moment you see and understand the continuance of our thread to the desert!

We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to post your news here.

We love to learn about new babies, sympathize with the loss of our precious friends, join you in cheering your accomplishments.

Dancin' In Your Socks (4)

Don't keep that achievement to yourself! Brag a little!

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If you have a special moment you captured on film, share the sugar with us!

Senior Citizens (1)

Al Khamsa Arabians are known for being productive and sound into their advanced years. Just because some of our best friends have some age on them, does not mean that they are not extra special because of that. Share your senior friends with us.