Al Khamsa Arabians III


SpaldingHeadAl Khamsa has produced research books about the Arabian Horse beginning in 1976, with the Al Khamsa Directory. The first book sponsored by the young organization, it attracted much attention, but also indicated the need for research into original material about the Arabian Horse.

The next step toward the goal of learning as much as possible about the Horse of the Bedouin was Al Khamsa Arabians, published in 1983. Foundation Horses were identified, and divided into Ancestral Elements for better understanding. An anthology of out-of-print books and articles was also valuable.

As enormous a job as that was, it pointed the way to even more material, and years were spent collecting data over the next decade. Al Khamsa Arabians II (a few copies still available) was published in 1993 and contained much new material. Ancestors were divided into those that had registration in a stud book, and those whose information was more anecdotal. That included many valuable lines in Egyptian breeding, and a Pre-Registration section was begun to accumulate information about them, in the same way as information was collected about Foundation Horses.

Something important happened after the 1993 book was published: Computers, DNA research and the Internet changed everything. People from around the world that were interested in the history of the Arabian Horse were able to be in touch easily. Databases were able to be produced in affordable CD format. Mitochondrial DNA research made it possible to come to some definitive conclusions about some lines of Arabian Horses.

Al Khamsa Arabians III was published in 2008, with the database available in CD form, and it is certainly the most complete book in the series. The Table of Contents gives the reader an idea of what a wealth of information is available in its 400 pages.


About Al Khamsa Arabians III
  • Welcome to the Al Khamsa Community
  • Horses of the Book
  • Glossary
The Al Khamsa Arabian Horse: A Photo Essay
About Arabia and the Bedouin Tribes
  • The Arabian Horse
  • Preservation Breeding
  • Breeding the Al Khamsa Arabian Horse
  • The Bedouin Concept of Asil
  • Strain Breeding: A Panel Discussion
Evaluating the Documentation about the Al Khamsa Arabian Horse
  • Provenance
  • Literary Evaluation
  • Literary Discoveries
  • Scientific Discoveries
The Documentation
  • Introduction
  • Ancestral Elements
  • Foundation Horse Detail
  • Pre-Registration Horse Detail
Annotated Bibliography
About the CD
About the Database
  • Codes and Abbreviations
  • Notes to the Pedigrees on the CD
Supporter Section (Advertisements)
  • Index to Advertisers
  • Index to Photos

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