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Do you enjoy being around people of enthusiasm and curiosity? Are you one of the special people who sees the need to preserve the Arabian Horse of the Bedouins? Do you get a thrill from being with such horses? Does it give you a sense of satisfaction to know that you are working toward a worthy goal?

On this website and in our publications, you will find images and words that describe the most wonderful member of the equine family: the original Bedouin Arabian Horse. If this is a journey you think you could embrace, realize that it can be a life-long journey that will demand the best you can give. In the end, there are moments when you know that through your efforts, another generation of the Bedouin horse has entered the world, another generation of breeders has picked up the torch. Remember whose shoulders you stand upon! Through it all, Al Khamsa can play an integral part, supporting you on your journey with the hand of friendship.

Please consider being part of Al Khamsa!


Please consider making a donation to help support our efforts. Donations can be applied to the Al Khamsa General Fund, the Preservation Task Force, the Al Khamsa Endurance Award or the Endowment Fund. Details of each are on the Donation page.


Since the founding of Al Khamsa, Inc. in 1975, Al Khamsa has relied on the generosity of Volunteers. Whether it is time, money, expertise or sheer enthusiasm, WE NEED YOU to be able to continue our work in preserving the Bedouin Arabian horse for the future. This is a great way to meet people, learn and make a contribution. Please feel free to contact us  to find out how you can be an integral part of what makes Al Khamsa great: the people and the horses.


Even if you don't own an Al Khamsa Arabian or are not sure how you will fit in or what you have to offer, please let us know. We welcome both newcomers and those with experience.

Presently, we need help in a lot of areas. Some of these include conventions, publications and the Preservation Task Force. We also need friendly people to help man our education-oriented booth at major events and help with sales: we can supply materials and information for those willing to represent Al Khamsa at local venues.

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