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I. Corporate Name, Purpose and Use of Funds

Section 1.03. Principles and Roster


The status of horses of interest to the Corporation is not entirely governed by written documentation. The Corporation will not take as necessarily authoritative, information concerning the pedigrees of horses from any sources, including registries. The Corporation reserves the right to determine which horses are called “Al Khamsa Arabian Horses” and “Arabian Horses of Interest to Al Khamsa.”


The Corporation shall create and maintain a list of horses it has identified as “Al Khamsa Arabian Horses”, which shall include the names of living Al Khamsa breeding stock and their ancestors, as well as Al Khamsa Arabian Horses that no longer fall within the Roster category, because of death, exportation from North America, or sterilization, without progeny.


In determining which horses should be added to the Roster, the Corporation will not give preferential treatment to any breeding program, breeding group, individual horse or theory of breeding within the bloodlines of interest to the Corporation, nor will the Corporation make or publish official statements impugning the purity of any horse, whether of Al Khamsa bloodlines or any other bloodlines.


In addition, representations made by the Corporation regarding the history, character and/or pedigree of Arabian horses shall be based on information available to the Corporation and shall not be interpreted as statements of fact as to the veracity of historical documents, or the relative accuracy of conflicting records, or as a guarantee of actual pedigree.

e. Amendments to Roster: The following procedure shall govern any amendments to the Roster:

i) Any proposed amendment to add or remove a horse(s) from the Roster must be received by the President of the Corporation by the 1st day of November prior to the annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Corporation for the following calendar year. The person requesting such proposed amendment to the Roster shall also include with its proposed amendment evidence supporting such proposed amendment, including, but not limited to a complete pedigree, including name(s), strain(s), breeder(s), foaling date(s), circumstances of acquisition and originating Bedouin tribe(s) or other source(s) of Foundation Horse(s) in harmony with the sources of animals already accepted as Al Khamsa Foundation Horses.

ii) Upon receipt of such proposed amendment to the Roster, the President shall forward a copy of all materials relating to such proposed Amendment to the members of the Board of Directors by the 10th day of November of the same year. The Board of Directors may require any other information or make or cause to be made any investigation that in its discretion is pertinent to consideration for Al Khamsa status. Information from any reliable source will be considered by the Board of Directors.

iii) If the affirmative vote of ¾ of the members of the Board of Directors is received for such proposed amendment at the first annual meeting of the Board of Directors after receiving such proposed amendment (and if a quorum is present at such meeting), then, in that event, the Board of Directors will then report its approval of such amendment to the Advisory Council (as described in Section 3.13 herein), along with an indication as to the vote of each member of the Board of Directors.

iv) At such meeting described in subparagraph (iii) above, the Board of Directors may elect to modify such proposed amendment to the Roster. If such modification is not approved by the originator of such proposed amendment, the original amendment will be voted upon in accordance with subparagraph (iii) above. If such modification is approved by the originator of such amendment and does not materially differ from the information concerning such amendment as set forth in the notice of the meeting of the Board of Directors, then, in that event, the modified amendment may be voted upon by the Board of Directors in accordance with subparagraph (iii) above. The proposed amendment may not be amended after it has been voted upon by the Board of Directors in accordance with subparagraph (iii) above.

v) The proposed amendment will then be subject to the vote of the Advisory Council at its first annual meeting after receiving such report from the Board of Directors as described above. The affirmative vote of ¾ of the members of the Advisory Council (which must have at least 35 members in order to vote on such a matter) at such meeting where a quorum is present is required for such proposed amendment to be approved by the Advisory Council.

vi) In order for the proposed amendment to the Roster be officially adopted by the Corporation, (A) the proposed amendment must be approved again by the affirmative vote of ¾ of the members of the Board of Directors at its next consecutive official meeting (which is not required to be an annual meeting) at which a quorum is present; and (B) the proposed amendment must be approved again by the affirmative vote of ¾ of the members of the Advisory Council at its next consecutive official meeting (which is not required to be an annual meeting) at which a quorum is present. Upon approval of such proposed amendment to the Roster by the Board of Directors and the Advisory Council at the two consecutive meetings described above, the proposed amendment shall be deemed to be an official amendment to the Roster by the Corporation.

vii) The eligibility of “Arabian Horses of Interest to Al Khamsa” will be determined by a committee appointed for the purpose by the Board, and approved by the Board by a 3/4 vote of all Directors. The same procedure for amending the Roster as described above shall apply to any proposed addition of an “Arabian Horse of Interest to Al Khamsa” or one of its otherwise Al Khamsa eligible descendants that is imported to North America (USA and Canada).

viii) If a proposed amendment fails to received the required approval of the Board of Directors and the Advisory Council in accordance with the provisions set forth above, then, in that event, said proposed amendment may not be considered for approval again for a period of at least five (5) years, unless the Board of Directors receives new evidence or information that the Board of Directors determines material to such proposed amendment such as recently discovered historical material or new translations of historical documents.

ix) Irrespective of anything to the contrary contained herein, the above procedure shall not be required for the following modifications to the Roster: (A) changes to the descriptive material concerning horses already on the Roster and/or their ancestors in order to update the historical record for horses; and/or (B) routine changes needed to account for new information obtained through historical and scientific research, and to maintain and update the Roster.

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