Horses eligible for Al Khamsa have come to North America from a variety of sources and by way of many other countries. Al Khamsa traces their pedigrees back as far as they can go and calls these ancestors Foundation Horses.

Currently, there are 322 Al Khamsa Foundation Horses represented in pedigrees of  Al Khamsa horses. To simplify understanding of the complex ancestry of our horses, the Foundation Horses have been divided into groups called Ancestral Elements.

The Ancestral Element concept was developed to help people identify the bloodline history of the horses listed in Al Khamsa publications. An Ancestral Element refers to the country, stud farm, person, or group who imported or was primarily associated with the Foundation Horses within that group. Ancestral Elements do not necessarily conform to modern breeding programs.

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If your horse is an Al Khamsa Arabian, it will trace entirely to the Al Khamsa Foundation Horses below.

Foundation Horse List updated Nov 01, 2023

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