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2022 Convention
For Life Time

New Genetic Research on Ancestry Data; Liberty Horse Training; Tips on Photographing Your Horse; Practical Breeding Practices;  Steps for Getting in the Show Ring, Performance and Racing; Marketing Strategies for Selling and Breeding; How to Research a Pedigree and Horse's Ancestry; Iconic Al Khamsa Horses that Paved the Way Forward; 90th Anniversary Tribute to Babson Importation; Registration Trends and How to Register

2021 Convention
For Life Time

 115th Davenport Celebration, F.E. Lewis Ranch, Arabian Manifesto,  Arabian Racing, Phenotypes: Spook Behavior, Conformation, Facial Shape, Digital Gait Analysis  and Fantasia Horse Videos narrated by Joe Ferriss!

2021 Spring Gathering
For Life Time

 Genomics of the Arabian Horse;  Saving Genetics From the Older Mare.


2020 Convention
For Life Time

Endurance  Riding, Al  Khamsa Ancestors,  Syrian Arabians,Preservation Without Tragedy, A Farm Tour and Fantasia Horse Videos narrated by Joe Ferriss!


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