The Spirit of Preservation Comes From Within



Passion, excitement and joy


Uniqueness and "specialness" compared to perceived norm

Sense of purpose: Make a contribution, be part of something grand, desire to prevent loss, make permanent, pass on to the future



Information, knowledge


Parameters (inclusive/exclusive based on broad understanding)

Information will always be subject to interpretation in the light of new knowledge, therefore definitions MUST be allowed to evolve and/or make additions/exclusions


Breeding groups: broader elements that make up the whole of the definition

Subgroups: often product of individual preference within group


Make choices from within parameters of the present definition

Make major commitment to restore - maintain

Experimenting to achieve results - genetics is a guessing game

Evaluating for comparison to knowledge base

Adding information to the amalgam of preservation knowledge

Concerns for the Future

 Focus too much on inclusion/exclusion definitions, and cataloging

Lose touch with passion

Lose touch with purpose

De-value what must be valued

Fail to pass on to future by being out of touch with larger community


Breeding good animals that attract good caretakers, faithful to breed

Educating self: ongoing process

Educating others: 

Publications, articles, books

Symposiums, conventions

Network: stay connected, telephone, correspondence, on-line chats, website info

Informative advertising


Major public exhibitions

Regional gatherings

Farm open houses

Paying forward your experiences to the next generation

~ by Joe Ferriss 2006

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