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Items starting with E

EAI Silvereen

EAI Silvereen

Registration 572702 Stud Fee PT (deceased, frozen semen available)
  • EAI SILVEREEN is a multi-champion producer; his offspring have won: Vegas World Cup Champion, Scottsdale Gold Champion, Egyptian Event Gold Champion, Unanimous Region One Champion, Arabian National Breeders Final, Arabain Horse World Champion, and World Arabian Horse Champion in Paris. This line of stallions has created five generations of winners. "Silvereen's" confirmation is very correct, he stands 15 hh. He has a short straight back, long beautiful neck, nice round full hindquarter, 45 degree sloped shoulder that has a high stretching forward reach, and high a fountain-like tail carriage. His head is beautifully shaped, large full eyes, big nostrils with large round jaws. His legs are strong and straight, with short cannons, and dense well-angled correct hooves. "Silvereen" is a well-mannered, Straight Egyptian champion halter horse, who is quite the prancing show stealer. He is tested negative for CA, SCID, and LF. He enjoys an incredibly high motility rate and is known for getting hard to get in foal mares, pregnant. We accept all major credit cards and payment plans available. Strain: Dahman Shahwan Member: Al Khamasa and Pyramid Society

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